About Ted

My parents gave me an Olympus OM-10 when I was in high school. I really liked it and I took photography and astronomy courses and used it for several years. But, film was expensive and, somehow, I didn’t think photography was a legitimate career.

I went on to study engineering and then wound up in social work after some great volunteer experiences helping youth from alcoholic families. Later, I combined my earlier STEM education and my later counselling work experience within my career. During this period, I didn’t really do any photography.

When I became a parent, I had the urge to document my family life. I got a point and shoot Canon and used it quite a bit. I got back into printing photos a lot, but just 4X6 snapshots.

As my kids got older, I began to slide into using photography as a creative outlet. Then, as my career advanced with the combination of social work and engineering leading me to develop and launch the first website for my organization, I became oriented to the internet and heard about HDR.

Finally, in 2008, I got my first DSLR, the Canon 40D. I shot over 25,000 images that first year. I dabbled with macro and portaiture, street and landscapes. I started doing charity events and weddings too. But landscapes were at the heart of my creative drive.

I advanced through the Canon 7D, the Canon 6D and now I shoot the Sony A7 III and adapt my Canon glass with a Sigma MC11.

I hope you enjoy my work.

Ted Kaiser, photographer

Ted Kaiser, photographer