Summer Road Trip - Fourth Destination - Saint John / by Ted Kaiser

Finally, with about 3,700km behind us over the first 7 days of our trip, we arrived in historic Saint John, the initial impetus for and primary destination of our trip. We stayed in Saint John longer than any where else on our adventure, 3 days total. Our time in Saint John included Canada Day, featuring a performance by the Saint Mary’s Band, at the Market Square (home to the New Brunswick Museum, visits to the City Market, and the Meurling family reunion. We stayed with our generous and hospitable relatives, Morgan and Jason and their 3 charming daughters. One of the best images of the trip was taken on their farm land in the historical family mill stream. You’ll see it featuring the old metal turbine (subject of some notorious family history). Their farm is also in Kings County near one of the iconic covered bridges of New Brunswick, the Hammond River #3 at Smithtown, built in 1914 with a length of 55.7m. We love the Atlantic provinces and the Saint John leg of our trip was a great highlight of the trip.